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Female Supremacy & Life Style

Women Love Dominant Role

Women Love  Dominant Role

Dear readers, wishing you all a Happy New Year 2015. This year do not forget that ladies are superior. Treat them with respect, and share your experiences.

I’ve been away for couple of months from talkfemdom. Apologize if I couldnt reply to your twitter, facebook messages and google plus invitations. I will be posting more often in this year. I like to hear your stories and I will be posting some of my personal experiences. This will be the first time I am posting some personal experiences. So stay tuned.

On my absence I received some nice comments on some of our posts by Steve, one of our wonderful readers. He shares his experiences with his wife. This is what we really like to promote in this website. How to turn your existing relationship in to a female led relationship. How to give her the power, how to face that transformation. Anyway, below I am sharing Steve’s comments along with the link to the main post (in case you missed it). Hope you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to comment and share at the end.


Accepting Wife Led Mariage

I am constantly amazed at how reluctant my wife is – as are many women- to accept the role as full-time mistress. It is what many women dream about, and few men do, so the odds of finding a match – or a man that wants to relinquish his natural dominance to his beautiful wife, is very low indeed. I love it when my wife leaves out some pantyhose or thigh highs over my suit. I know it is going to be a good day. a day where I think about my wife all day, send her flowers and then pamper her all night, ending with a body massage until she falls asleep. That, my friends, is a perfect day!!
What Steve thinks about Chastity
Now, as far as enforced male chastity goes, we’ve tried long-term, but the bottom of my scrotum gets so raw, it’s often hard to sleep. it took her a long time to believe in the benefits (to her) of long-term chastity, but now, she want’s it more than I do. Short term works better and is more conducive for real life. I’ve gone as long as 2 weeks, but losing sleep was too much. I’m about 5″ flaccid, so night-time erections were painful – I even cracked a CB Curve!! So, now, when she wants to play, I put it on in the morning and earn points to have it removed before bed. During this period, her idea of chastity is forced during the day and into the evening, and then no participation after she falls asleep, again, always with a foot massage, head scratch or back and neck rub. She holds the key in her hand and will not release it until she falls asleep. Some nights (ugh) she doesn’t open it until I’ve fallen asleep, and then the next morning, “it’s back in the cage for you, mister!!” This works well. it keeps me in constant arousal, she gets what she wants (and isn’t that the reason, guys – and gals-for male chastity??) so everyone wins. in fact, I have not ejaculated in front of her for over 2 months now. But, she expects me to provide her with orgasms when she wants them. Yeah, life is pretty f#!&*ing good!!!

Women love a dominant role in most relationships. Ask any man and they will tell you, if they’re being honest, who really wears the pants in the family. And we’ve all heard the saying “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” And we all know that keeping a man in a constant state of arousal, via chastity or tease and denial, is the perfect way for a woman to keep her man wrapped around her finger. He will do just about ANYTHING for just the remote chance of getting some kind of sexual attention from his wife or girlfriend.
As I mentioned in another thread, my wife uses chastity and/or feminine under-things to keep me in a constant state of arousal, making me constantly think of her all day and coming up with new ways to make her happy. Her co-workers keep asking her if she could clone me, since I always send her flowers, deliver her lunch, press her clothes each morning, and treat her and her friends to happy hour on a regular basis. The fact that I know she controls me, and could publicly humiliate me at a moments notice, is a huge adrenaline rush, which makes me try even harder to impress her and her friends. (and the fact that I might be wearing a garter belt and stockings and/or a CB 6000, makes it even more exciting) I’m whipped and I love it.

But, most of all, she does too. And that what a wife led marriage (femdom/chastity/, etc.) is all about: not you, but her. Serve your wife, make her happy, and she will continue to reciprocate as long as she is getting positive feedback from her chaste husband. Don’t nag her, don’t sub from the bottom- just be a good boy and do the things that make her happy. That is your role as a subordinate husband; accept it and serve your goddess 24/7 !!



10 Rules to a Femdom Relationship

I showed this to my wife, and she agrees with most, except #10. Cuckolding is not natural for most women. Yes, maybe they fantasize about another man on occasion, but the act is not something most will do. Men fantasize about it all the time for 2 basic reasons:
First, we love to see our women get pleasure, whether it’s us doing it, helping with her toys, or just watching her masturbate. It is a huge turn on watching a woman orgasm (as opposed to men, we look deformed). So, the cuckolding fantasy is our way of seeing our woman get satisfied in a way we can’t satisfy her. Cuckolding is the ULTIMATE act of selflessness and submission.
The second reason is our femdom/submissive fantasy. Keep in mind, if you are trying to get her to do it for that reason, she will probably resist, because it’s not her fantasy, but yours.
The best way to get her started into thinking about bringing another sex partner into your relationship is to allow her to masturbate on her own with toys you buy for her. The best site I’ve used, is Too It’s owned by women and geared toward women.
So, keep buying larger and larger toys and let her show you how inadequate you are. Pretty soon, she will start craving bigger and bigger toys, to the point that she won’t want your tiny member any longer. (My wife now reminds me while she’s masturbating with her 8″ vibrator, that it feels so much better than my little dick. It turns me on and seems to turn her on even more. I jerk-off while she’s doing it and we usually climax together that way!!)
At that point, she may (or may not) start to fantasize about a younger man with a bigger dick who can keep it hard longer than you. Support that fantasy for her and keep reminding her not to be ashamed of her fantasy. Then, give her opportunities to flirt with big, young men – which is always flattering for middle-aged women – and see where it goes. Even offer to pay for a hotel room for her and her new ‘lover’ but don’t expect to participate right away.
Give her time and let her enjoy her new freedom. when she gets back, love her, cuddle her and thank her for exploring her fantasies. NEVER, EVER show jealousy, and don’t ask questions!! Just be happy knowing that she experienced sexual pleasure that you can’t give her. It really is an amazing act of trust, honesty, and love.