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Valentine DeVille: The Goddess’s Tale

Valentine DeVille: The Goddess’s Tale

I was dominant as a child and I have always enjoyed feeling in control. I was creating fantasy worlds for Myself from a very early age. I would put costumes on and ask My relatives to take pictures of Me in different scenes that I had set up by Myself. In high school, I dated this guy who was older than Me and he had various fetishes. We used to role play in our intimate moments; I would buy specific clothes just for that and create different personals.  For example: I would play a naughty secretary and trample him under My heels while telling him naughty and humiliating stuff… and we were both enjoying this very much! This is how I discovered fetishes and D/s play in the first place. I thought it was so much fun to take control and playing live scenes was interesting but My favorite thing was always to dress up and incarnate fantasies. The internet was really taking off around then and I thought it would be marvelous if I could exert My control by doing what I love most (expressing Myself through images and words) and make a living out of it. And so, I bought My first digital camera and started on My journey of self-photography. I bought a HTML how-to book, opened a BLOC NOTE and built My first website from scratch.

I went online with My website over a decade ago. There was no financial domination scene back then. I just had this ideal lifestyle in mind which eventually became associated with the emerging new fetish of financial domination.It was initially a personal journey following the bold vision I’d had. I wanted to build My wealth on My own terms, doing what I love the most — getting into people’s heads — with a minimal amount of physical interactions or constraints. I used the web as a tool to satisfy My ideals. Over the years, I spread My wings and built this fabulous empire that stands by itself now. Now I receive online tributes at all times of the day or night, whether I am shopping downtown with a girlfriend or spending the evening out with a lover.


I have always had empathy for what vanilla people would consider bizarre. I understand all kinds of fetishes, and perversions. I guess that’s why I am so fit for this job; I act as the perfect channel, a blooming incarnation of sins. My favorite fetishes revolve around ME. I feel fetishistic about all My clothes, My glamorous photography, My exquisite GODdess voice clips… Call Me a narcissist! I have reached a stage of mastery where I know My field so well now that I can create unprecedented combinations of mind fucks that astound Me every time.  Via My website My worshippers can experience My kinky games, addictive mind-control programs and exhilarating training assignments at any hour of the day or night, whether I am online or not; They never fail to drive My pay pets crazy and drain their dollars into My bank account.



Most of My slaves really just want to please the woman of their dreams — they are eager to do whatever I ask. Half of them weren’t into financial domination before they discovered Me.But I planted the seeds and made them grow.  Many of them never had any fetishes at all but they fell in love with Me and I trained them to please Me exactly as I wanted. The restare either sugar daddies who like to spoil a woman with their money or submissive boys who want to be psychologically abused online.



My biggest turn-on is tease and denial.  I am a huge tease.  For me teasing is like breathing.  It’s my second nature. In high school I used to tease boys mercilessly and had them eating out of the palm of My hand.  Chastity feeds right into that.  Having a boy’s cock and balls under My control is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things I get to experience.  There is nothing like the thrill of forcing a boy to beg.  It is a huge turn-on for Me to know I have phil’s cock and balls locked up now for as long I want — and that there’s not a single fucking thing he can do about it!  It will probably be years.  I’m certainly never going to have any use for phil’s pathetic cock.  And neither is he!
Having phil locked up this way is something I’m really proud of too.  When he found My website he thought he was going to use Me to amuse himself until he found a ‘real’ Mistress.  But now I dominate and control every aspect of his life.  The only thing that gives his little life any meaning now is his love for Me and his service to Me.  He knows I’m going to keep him in chastity for years. He knows I’m going to torment him.  I am so proud to have trained him and molded him to such an intense level of submission that he would obediently make such an incredible commitment to Me.

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