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Training your man to adapt to a female-led relationship

Training your man to adapt to a female-led relationship


In order to train your man you will need to establish an agreement of the things you want him to learn, the rules you want him to practice and eventually stick to. Unless your only ambition is part-time bedroom play, if you have no ‘female led relationship’ agreement or relationship strategy you are not ready for training or creating profound changes in your relationship. Fact is, the more you demand, the more you will eventually receive. Your regular and playful, but firm acknowledgement of him as the submissive party in your relationship will very quickly encourage your man to become far more service-oriented than you could ever have imagined.
It must be said that beginners to this lifestyle often struggle most with the following dilemma: what you want your man to learn in your female led relationship and what he wants to learn are very different. In all likelihood, you want him to learn to overcome his bad habits, work independently, take a little more initiative around the house, find fulfillment in growing, gain confidence in your leadership and participate as your supportive follower. He primarily wants to learn how to serve your body, obey your commands, please you sexually, humble himself and learn what it is like to surrender. Because of the difference and size of the task at hand you must choose your personal targets and accompanying rules for him wisely.

As with all things, the middle ground is often found through compromise. If you want his undivided attention, and pampering, then you’ll need to play into his fantasy. He will love it, and you will get better results. Make it your first goal to find out what motivates him, his innermost sexual fantasies,…and use this information to tease and arouse him, edging him on further towards serving you unconditionally and accepting a more female led relationship. Chances are, he was the one who showed initial interest, and suggested to you a possible change in lifestyle, one that strokes his fantasies and is more than just bedroom play. In this particular fantasy of his you can safely assume that:

  1. He wants you to exert power over him including humiliation and punishment of some sort.
  2. He wants your interest and participation level to be high and for you to show confidence and make demands.
  3. He wants you to control sex and his orgasm, often including fantasies of fetish sex, props and costumes.
  4. He has a willingness to give up control to you.
  5. He has a high interest in your body and in serving you as a woman.

Although no doubt overwhelming and possibly confusing at first, receiving such unbridled and enthusiastic attention from your man quickly becomes not only fun, but incredibly addictive. It is a fact that almost all women entering this lifestyle quickly see the rewards, and claim they would never choose to go back to the way things used to be in their relationships with their man. With a little variation and planning, you can enjoy rich personal pleasures from the man you love while playing into his fantasy. The trick to training him and keeping him motivated consists of two elements; a degree of orgasm management on your behalf to ensure his masturbating doesn’t lock him into a constant state of sexual/emotional indifference, and a regular dose of teasing to keep his sexual energy’s flowing.



  1. Wow thank you for posting this. This is really helpful thanks a lot

    • Thank you for the nice comment. I think this address a situation like yours. Im glad it helps you.

      • Hi,
        I am soon to get married with my fiance, I discovered his internet history and came to know that he fantasizes me to be dominant over him. I bought a chastity cage cb6000 for him and want to know for how many days he should be locked. I also bought a 7in strapon dildo which is gonna be complete surprise for him.
        I also wanna know what could we women do to never let our husband think of domination over us again?

        I am too excited!

        • Hi Eden, thanks for the comment on our site. We appreciate you stepped in and took the decision to use chastity and strap on. Believe it or not, chastity have extreme power to controls mans dominant side over woman.
          I think you are in the right direction. Enjoy your married life. I’m sure you going to have your best days of life.

  2. Truer words were never spake. Oh that it were my tongue caressing that lovely foot

  3. Very instructive. Fascinating. Keen to learn. Thank you.

    • Thanks Mark. Pls visit here often. We will update the content regularly.

  4. This so perfectly describes what I think is the true nature of a female led relationship.
    I totally relate to every bit of it. I hand wrote the first paragraph and left it on the bedside table for my wife to find. She said she read it twice and still wasn’t sure what it all meant, but commented that I would get her to dominate me yet. She thought it was very special that I wrote it out by hand. I plan to do a paragraph at a time, then talk with her about the whole thing.
    Thank you very much for providing this very enlightening essay.

    • Thank you for credit. Much appreciated. We are glad about your courage to step in to. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Once your male is accepting of your dominant role in your personal relationship you will of course need to introduce the concept that, as a male,, all woman are his betters and that he will also have to show respect and submission to them as well. Regards, Bronnie n Liz

    • Totally agree with you. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

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