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Pride of Chastity

Pride of Chastity

Beyond the home what is a man in chastity like?

Its an assumption that to be in a female led relationship the man becomes something less and loses his sense of masculinity. This is far from the truth.

A man in chastity is a winner walk with pride, with a straight back, quick pace and a sense of purpose. He is not a slug. He is the chosen one. Being in chastity is not an addiction. Its a positive choice of life. How many people do you know that have this level of input from their relationship? They are not a slaves. They are an acolytes who serve and follow a woman of purpose and will.

When a man in chastity gets older, actually watch their weight. If he don’t, they are instructed to. He will look younger and act younger than their colleagues. More to the point he will think at a different level which gives him key insights into their own and others motivation. If you see a man walking down the street with that easy Cary Grant charm the chances are he is in Chastity. He learn good manners and the secret of being polite. This has an affect on all who know us. He is  the nice guy’s who actually get the breaks.

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  1. slave is locked in chastity 24/7 365.
    slave is also not allowed to leave the house without it’s plug.

  2. You should feel proud when your locked. Your locked because she wanted you locked. All your thoughts and focus she be on your lovely perfect wife

  3. James well said, there are those who assume that to be in chastity is some how degrading and that they are in some manner a lesser individual. This is not the case a man in chastity walks with pride because there partner is compassionate enough and deep enough to have fathomed an essential need in both of them. How often do we see relationships where they have no mutual joy and are only held together by strings and lawyers. In chastity you are together because of purpose and mutual respect and devotion.


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