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Female Supremacy & Life Style

Living Female Led Marriage

Living Female Led Marriage

This is another story shared by our reader, James.

I think I knew I was always in a female led marriage. My wife and I have been married for 17 years. From the day I met my lovely wife I was instantly in love. She was always feisty and strong willed and I was always attracted to that. How sexy is a woman who knows what she wants and gets what she wants?!??! Anyway we didn’t truly live out a proper female led marriage until I was cucked about 5 years ago. I am more thankful to her for helping me see my place. Our life is perfect. Our only goal now is to show our daughter that females need to be in more control.

Thanks James for sharing your story with us.  I highly recommend you to visit femdom101 blog. In which, the blogger, mistress Kathy tells the story about how it all started, the problems, the stress, and issues of living a lifestyle that is slightly deviant from the norm. Hope it will helpful for you. Also we wish all the best for your blog A Cuck’s life. Hope to visit often.




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  1. hello global dominatrixes at homa. am a portuuese writer =JOAO ALVES DA COSTA=residing in LISBON/A=in a quiet condo close to the airport and while waiting4my official retirement i dw adore to live in a female-led-relationship.actually, i met a brazilian girl some years ago, proposed and she told me she was married already to a portuguese. in fact, i got mad, because i loved her and she asked me she wd enjoy watcuning me with a brazilian shemale as a mistress engagement. i refused, she left and by now i fel miserable
    I ignore if i should have accepted her terms and contitions.

    Joao Alves da Costa

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