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Life experiences in Chastity – Mirandite

Life experiences in Chastity – Mirandite

I felt it was time to share my life experiences with those in chastity or looking to follow the chastity path.

At 287 days of device wearing I can say I have experienced a rainbow of emotions but never despair or a sense of being a lesser person. I often look at twitter posts where the individual talks of themselves as though they are some form of subhuman, in chastity it is actually the reverse. A person in chastity requires very sophisticated input as the rewards are not physical and reside often in the mental emotional plain. I have come across those who say they ‘brutalise the male and smash his ego’ to make him realise his status, in our case I am happy to say this does not happen. Rather the opposite, a chance remark and smile can turn a day into one glorious running moment.

I have been subjected to being locked away in total darkness for two days left to my own mental landscape, a cell was originally a place of thought and contemplation. Never have I felt so alive the adrenaline rush of the slightest noise and the expanse of my own imagination fuelling a rush that is indescribable. Being left a glass of the PinkDrink that has engorged my already constrained penis, yet unable to do anything due to cuffed hands, a desire so intense it blots out every other thought or perception for hours.

My lack of sexual ability due to the device has made me control my weight 10cm later around the gut that I didn’t even realise I had. I no longer have to control my desires, my desires are controlled for me, the simplicity of the mental conversation is alarming ‘yes very nice, I locked, loved and not interested’.

The ultimate thing is I am experiencing a level of need and emotional care I have never ever had in my life before.

This may not be the choice of all but for some both men and women I can be a life enhancing experience.

Thanks to Miranda of Hanwell UK

‘The Goddess’



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  1. “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–
    And why the sea is boiling hot–
    And whether pigs have wings.”

    At the end of the glorious year of guided chastity my goddess and I sessioned for a mind splitting 52 hours. Never have i ever felt so liberated, alive and aware of the joy of being.

    At the end of this we parted with her comment whizzing around my mind ‘I will not lock you up or enforce chastity upon you again’. She gave me a glowing smile and left.

    In the middle of March under my own volition I locked myself back in a stainless steel chastity device, why? Am I suffering from some form of Stockholm syndrome, addiction, low self esteem? No not at all, rather the opposite.

    I have discovered a truth, that is true for me, chastity creates a sense of self and certainty. I do this because it confirms my relationship with my goddess, I know my place in the world of women, I belong to one and no other. The normal assumed compulsions of men ‘sex and football’ are not lost to me they are just irrelevant.

    I carry the keys and could remove the device at any time, but I do not. Why, because of the absolute joy I have when she unlocks me for her purpose…

    I am trusted to remain locked with no intervention, just like a wedding ring, I do not take it off because of what it represents to both of us.

    So no she did not lock me up, my goddess allowed me to come to the realisation that to be locked no matter who holds the key is a natural joyous state.

    She has my mind, soul and heart….. they key is nothing, the lock is everything.


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