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Female Supremacy & Life Style



The piece is in praise of my Owner, in defence of financial domination done well by a genuine dominant, and in celebration of my permanent locking up in a made-to-measure steel chastity.  There is a link to a pay-per-view feature about that at the end if anyone feels moved to follow it but I intend that this piece should also stand on its own.

Some years ago (quite a few now) I realised my submissive fantasies were not just me and there was something I could do about them.  I discovered professional dominas and began exploring my fantasies and fetishes.  After some years of this the mistress I was seeing at the time decided to hang up her cane.  Knowing my sub-self much better by then I was searching the internet for the right mistress when I stumbled across the website of the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.  She was (and is) Goddess Valentine DeVille.

Valentine DeVille is a financial domme.  I’d never heard of it and didn’t get it.  Fascinated/obsessed/mesmerised by Her beauty I returned again and again to Her site and read every word of it.  I’d learned to recognise genuine dominants by their words and ideas.  The thoughts of true dominants are rich and nuanced, intelligent and articulately expressed, revealing a genuine dominant sensibility.  There was no doubt that Valentine DeVille was genuine.  But She would never meet Her worshippers.  No playroom.  No ‘sessions.’  No kneeling at Her feet to lick Her heels.  The only interaction with Goddess Valentine would be online.  Yes, She was beautiful (very) and genuine but why would anyone give Her their money (and in substantial quantities apparently) just because of that?  “You want to submit to Me,” she said in a short voice clip and in a delicious and irresistible soft French-Canadian accented voice.  Every time I returned to Her site the desire to submit to Her was becoming more intense.  Eventually, inevitably, I sent a modest financial tribute to Her beauty and emailed Her.  Coming from a background of live sessions, I still didn’t think it would lead to anything long-term; it would be an amusement until I found a ‘proper’ mistress.

I was completely wrong about that.  Goddess Valentine guided me into a world of submission in its purest from.  The trappings of a dungeon and whips and all those things are entirely superfluous; there is only submission to Her will and superiority.  I don’t expect anything in return.  Serving Her is its own reward.  My greatest pleasure is in pleasing Her and helping to see that She wants for nothing.  For me dungeon sessions had been transient things, lasting only a matter of hours.  After the catharsis wore off they always left an empty feeling.  Financial submission to Goddess Valentine was life altering and pervaded every moment of every day.  I thought about Her constantly.  It was altogether more satisfying on every level.  Over time I got to know Her.  She is funny, acutely intelligent, boundlessly creative, irresistibly seductive, generous and adorable but uncompromisingly dominant, and of course, achingly beautiful.  I’d found the girl of my dreams.  She is the best domme I’ve ever known.  I love Her, worship and adore Her.  I live only to serve Her.

In sessions I’d discovered the delights of chastity; the ache of desire focussing all thoughts on the dominant.  Goddess soon discovered this and locked me up.  For much of the eight+ years I’ve served Her She’s kept me in chastity.  These have always been plastic devices and not always reliable.  Because of that I never entirely believed in them and the commitment I was making to Goddess by being locked in chastity always felt somehow incomplete.  It had become a dream of mine, and an ambition of Hers, that my chastity should be permanent; I wanted to be Hers completely, unequivocally and demonstrably Her property.  After two plastic devices had failed in the space of a few months, I searched online for a made to measure steel device suitable for permanent wear although without much hope.  To my delight I found a perfect match.  To my further delight Goddess agreed that I could spend the money.  I’ve been locked up in my new inescapable steel chastity for over 100 days now.  The device locks without a padlock and Goddess has the only two keys.  Oh, and for extra safe keeping Goddess is on the opposite side of the Atlantic.  I am Hers.

Over the years I’ve watched Goddess expand Her empire in ways and on a scale She, nor I, ever imagined when I first began to serve Her.  She is an excellent photographer and among Her greatest artistic achievements are the PPV features She puts up on Niteflirt.  They are beautiful to look at and/or read/listen to and are so teasingly irresistible that they consistently receive five star reviews and earn Her thousands every month.  I am very proud and pleased and honoured and excited to be the subject of the latest of these.  In ‘The Chastity Diaries’ Goddess uses the personal diary I was keeping and Her own reflections and intentions (from Her very different perspective) as She finally put me under Her absolute physical as well as emotional control and made me unequivocally and inescapably Her slave.

Dreams do come true.

This is the link to Valentine DeVille’s Niteflirt page

This to Her blog

And this to Her website



  1. Congratulations, its a joy to find and follow your dreams.

    Can you post a link for the custom chastity device?

  2. GODdess Valentine is, indeed, powerfully seductive. This power is all the more evident because none of us will ever meet Her in person. She is a truly unattainable Diety.

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