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Female Supremacy & Life Style



Hi guys, this is my first post. I am going to give you a quickie about me and what you can expect from this website.

I beleive in female supremacy and the life style. I always looked for the ways which can associate in real life. Then I tried. Some worked out, some didnt. But didn’t wanted to speak in pubilc, because I feared of rejection. Oneday I realized I am not alone in my desire. So decided I will give my effort to bring the topic on. Build a platform to create a discussion, to spice up every couples life on bed. Web is what I know, writing is what I like and femdom is what I passionate about. So here I am with talkfemdom.

In this website Im going to talk my perspective of different sides of female domination from a foot massage to whips. Yes, I will discuss about toys; the toys for a dominatrix. Also, I will introduce dominas. I hope you guys will find fun, interesting and valuable here. Hope this will spark the need to bring femdom life style to household.



  1. I wish you all the best and hope it takes off and many people get involved in here to make it a great place for people to learn and talk about the lifestyle.

    • Thank you very much. :)

    • Thank you very much for your positive comment, Mark. I will keep posting continuously, hope you will visit often.

  2. Love femdom with style and elegance. You are elegance and style!!!! Thanks!! Best wishes from Lou Ferrox

    • Thank you so much Lou. Appreciate your encouraging words. :)

  3. I just came across your site and wish you the best. As a feminized male i truly believe in the sexual authority and rightful supremacy of women. i do my best to serve my wife of many years – cooking, shopping, cleaning, deferring to her in many ways on a daily basis, direct deposit of my paycheck to an account she manages, affirming each day that i strive to be the best submissive wife that i can be, i am sure i could do better but i do try. My wish is that she would exert her authority more directly at times, an occasional spanking, a drawerful of panties in place of any male items, a time locked in chastity. Though i do love it when she tells her friends of the chores i perform, when i get to cook for them and when tells how she brings me for manicures and pedicures on a regular basis.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your side of life. I would love to hear more.

  4. Thank you for your comment and asking me to share a bit more.

    I suppose everyone has their own story. To me female domination just makes sense. Women are the stronger gender, with a sexual authority and power that seems undeniable. The pose of male preening is just that. As a male i long wanted a strong woman to dominate me, to take control of my cock, to exhibit me, cbt and the rest. My fantasies of submission and sexual slavery. To be clear i still want those things but along the way i have cone to understand some other things as well.

    Perhaps most fundamentally i now understand that my submission is not something that is done to me, it is not about me. Rather it is something i give and want to give. It is indeed about her. i try to be as clear as i can about that to her and to myself. Knowing that i am doing something to please her gives cleaning the toilets, for example, special meaning and i take pleasure from that.

    One day i put on a pair of panties and i discovered something about myself that i had not realized before. i loved it, yes for the sexual thrill of a brand new cross dressing experience. But that only became the first step in a gradual progression of letting go of my male self a little bit at a time and embracing my own conscious desires for feminization. i could go on at length about my journey – one that is hardly complete – but i do love the feminine touches that are increasingly a part of my everyday life and and know this is a very basic and permanent part of who i have become. i am and want to be a submissive sissy gurl. i have no desire for a master but i regard my wife as my Mistress. Yes, i would like some of the abuse i mentioned earlier. i do want to be spanked by her and i want it to go beyond my fantasies of being spanked – i don’t want to top from the bottom. i want it to hurt more than i want it to, to be spanked beyond when i want it to stop, for her to be clear that it she is my superior and i accept it willingly. And as time passes later i will do my best to avoid it but secretly look forward to the next time.

    i do love her and want to do my best to honor, serve, and defer to her. i do want her to accept and encourage a more feminine me.

    These are some thoughts to share for the moment.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this. I would create a separate post to share this information, if you dont mind.

      • I would be most pleased if you shared it. Thank you.

        • Thank you. Definitely. Check this;

          • Again, thank you. I am happy to contribute in any way that i can. i have much to learn but there is much joy in embracing a FLR. This past weekend we were with two other couples and i mentioned that my wife had recently given me permission to adjust my work schedule so that i could do more at home. A male friend was taken aback at my use of the work “permission” but i told him that it was only natural that i should need her permission for such a thing. I am not sure he got it but i had no trouble saying it because it is only right that the decision should be hers.

          • Thanks so much for your input. These experiences in everyday life are valuable for our readers to shape up their relationship. Your comments are valuable and have special place in our femdom daily section.

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