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Female Supremacy & Life Style

Worshipping Mistress KMBA

Worshipping Mistress KMBA

Is stood in heels and stocking. All subs are to be worship…. these feet.

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    • Hi Howard, Thanks for your comment. You are a lucky guy. Would you like to send us a pic of those. We love to share it with our readers.

      • Only if Mistress KMBA allows me

        • Pls do it. You can get permission from Mistress KMBA.

          • Feel free to email me for information about buying any of these shoes please use the links above thank you for your support. Lots more pictures to come ;)

          • Thank you Mistress KMBA for the comment. Allowing and corporating with us the publish your page.

          • Hello mistress

  2. Im a dog or ur white .Pig . Waitin 4 ur kicks

  3. I have an opening for new slaves, sissys, losers and paypigs ;)

  4. Mistress my last miss sky the goddess . Taught me that all blacks . And my mistress number 1 . R my superor and if her bull of the nite tells me something .I do it . Once when servin breafest . He told me to suck him . I was slow . But my miss came in . Took a belt to my ass . And made me suck it hard . Then . Put me over table and i took his 10in . Not makein a sound .I learned . From then on .I did what i was told. But she was .Right white boi r to b sissefid

  5. Mistress im to low and whimpy . So misstress sky had me do house work and cook . Also wait on them . What ever stud. Then go and lay on my dog bed . I was in her room . In closit .But if she need some thing i was near . Mostly cum licked up . Or some time facesittin ofcoure some .C.B.T she want to castreate me

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