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Female Supremacy & Life Style

My FLR marriage

My FLR marriage

My FLR marriage, has been very successful for the last 8 years. First of all my wife was married to a very physical and verbally abusive ex-husband. Vanessa is a tall and very sexy blonde woman and her ex husband was a “failed” semi-pro wannabe athlete, who was a excessive drinker and gambler. When her divorce was finalized, she did not date for almost 4 years, and mostly focused on the welfare of her 14 year old daughter at that time.

I was very fortunate to meet Vanessa at a marathon that was raising funds for breast cancer, there were not many males participating in the fundraiser, and the women there admired my time and effort. I ended up with several phone numbers, but I only called Vanessa because she was a very hot blonde. We talked and she readily admitted that she was not interested in a alpha male or a male with a “A” type personally. She boldly asked me, if I was submissive or dominant, at first I was rather shocked but she was looking so good and I wanted her so badly, I said submissive. She then smiled at me and we played around in a sexual nature but there was no sex.

To make a long story short, Vanessa tested me thoroughly with many house chores, including loaning me out to her girlfriends as a ‘handyman” Vanessa is not trying to hide her dominance over me, in front of her daughter, who is now 23 years old. I am in a very serious training phase for Vanessa and some of her friends. However, I absolutely love this life style and I would not trade it for anything. Don’t knock it, until you’ve tried it!!


This experience was shared with us by one of our readers in comments section. We thought it needs more attention, so thought of creating a separate post. Thanks Henry for sharing this with us. We love to hear from you more. Same time we welcome our readers to share their FLR experiences with us. It helps us to create a better generation who know how to respect woman.



  1. awesome

  2. As a feminized male i totally appreciate being in a FLR marriage. It is my goal and my pleasure to be her submissive, to defer and to honor. i do believe that it is the path to happiness and indeed to a form of freedom that comes with accepting her as my rightful superior. This has taken place over a period of years as i have been more clear to her of my desire and need for her to be in control and she has taken on this position with love and appreciation.

  3. One daily symbol of my wife’s position in our life is that whenever we go anywhere in the car she drives and i am in the passenger seat. This is true whether it is to drive around the corner or for more distant trips. The only time that i drive is when she wants a rest and then i am happy to comply.

    In the last year or so she has been talking about wanting an Audi TT convertible sports car. We have now been able to gather the funds to buy one and it is sitting in the driveway. It is her car. i drive an old sedan. i love the smile on her face. My male fiends look puzzled when i make clear that it is not for me, only for her. Perhaps a sports car is more the traditional province of the male but i am so happy to be secondary to her.

    • Even submissive men can find it difficult to accept being secondary to a Dominant Lady full time. Glad you have found contentment.

  4. I think I knew I was always in a female led marriage. My wife and I have been married for 17 years. From the day I met my lovely wife I was instantly in love. She was always feisty and strong willed and I was always attracted to that. How sexy is a woman who knows what she wants and gets what she wants?!??! Anyway we didn’t truly live out a proper female led marriage until I was cucked about 5 years ago. I am more thankful to her for helping me see my place. Our life is perfect. Our only goal now is to show our daughter that females need to be in more control

  5. Lucky man.

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