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Female Supremacy & Life Style

Cruel Dama

Cruel Dama

Mature Spanish lifestyle Domme with years of experience in FemDom, BDSM and Financial Domination. I enjoy physical and psychological sadism, money, coming to power, gain control, appropiating your will, distribute cruelty and much more. I am polite and well sponken but also a great manipulator.

FemDom is not just a word, to me is a feeling, a way of being and living, a personality, a way to act and behave. Be dominant does not mean being arrogant or dismissive, but to live with what is natural, what we breathe and the convictions we have.

Female Domination is art, is poise, are gestures are behaviors, for me is my lifestyle. FemDom is nothing else than the control and domination by women in the relationships we build and not limited to certain types of practices.

FemDom is happiness, the happiness of all parties, serving or being served, is the purpose of all.

You have a number of needs that complement mine, want to serve and give yourself to that person who wishes to possess and dispose of your life you want and whim, need instruction and training and I am happy controlling and guiding your steps, yearn that discipline and that complicity indescribable why you are willing to sacrifice and we want the same thing from the other side of the whip.

I mentioned earlier that I am a woman of establishing long-term relationships and this would not be possible if either party is not happy in them.

Not only dominate online, I enjoy my properties in real too. But getting my collar is not easy, being mine is a constant effort on your submission to me. I set the rules and my attention is not free. Are you brave enough to try?

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