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Female Supremacy & Life Style


Do You Want to Contribute to

Great! We’re looking for people just like you – from all around the world – to share your thoughts and experiences about everything related to Female Domination.

If you’d like to contribute to the blog, we’d love to have you.  Please contact through email or our contact form for information as to how you can get involved as a Contributor.

Here are Some Ways that You can Contribute

Blogging and Commenting

The best part about blogging is that it creates an opportunity for a two-way conversation!  On every post, no matter who the author is, and no matter who you are, your comments on any and all posts are welcome!  To truly create a conversational atmosphere, you can also expect the post authors to reply to your comments.

Email Us

Commenting just doesn’t feel right for some reason?  Feel free to send us and email with your comments, questions and suggestions.

Share a Photo

Do you have a photo or image that you think would look great featured beside a future blog post, or in our Galleries? Send us an email with a link to your website, as well as information as to how we can get permission to post is and how you would like the source to be attributed.

Send in a Tip

Is there something going on which you would like to share with our readers with? Let us know! This could be anything, from links to interesting newspaper articles and blogs, to tips about events going on in areas, to information about a newly released research study. Then, if your tip is a good one, we’ll share it with the world – while giving you the credit, of course!

Write a Guest Post

If you are a blogger or even if you simply enjoy writing and would like to put together an article with your thoughts on something FemDom, we’d love to hear from you. Email us a proposal about what you’d like to write about. We’re especially looking for contributions from the experiences of FemDom relationships or any related topics.

Be Featured

If you are a Domme woul you be interested in having your profile on Perhaps featured as the mistress of the month or in the home page. Contact us and tell us your specialities. We would ask you to send us an excerpt of your self and photos or videos to be incuded in your profile.

Share Your Story

Do you have a story about FemDom to share with us? Perhaps a recent experience of yours, or how you started up in your relationship, or lifestyle. Tell us about it! Send us an email and let’s talk about how we can feature your story on!


Is there a way that you’d like to contribute that we haven’t mentioned here? That is excellent. We’re open to new ideas.

Tell us more by contacting us today!