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Female Supremacy & Life Style

Commands from Dominant Wives to Submissive Husbands

Commands from Dominant Wives to Submissive Husbands

There is much, much more of course, but you will discover things along the way. These are just a few suggestions but a good starting point for exploring this new aspect of your relationship. The most important thing is to have fun. If he approached you, he has a need. If you approached him, you have a desire to change the course of your relationship. Either way, if it is done in a loving fashion, it will be fun and bring you closer.

  • Go get the lotion. I need you to rub my feet.
  • Run my bath for me. And while I’m in there get started on the laundry.
  • Get up, Sweetheart, and make me some coffee and an English muffin with butter.
  • You did a nice job cleaning the bathrooms; I am very pleased with you.
  • I want a full body massage for exactly one hour; keep an eye on the clock. When you are done I want you to go down on me until I tell you to stop. Afterwards, we’ll both go to sleep. You won’t be having an orgasm tonight.
  • I’m going out with the girls tonight. While I’m gone you can work on the laundry.
  • I want you writing down everything that you eat. I want to monitor your eating habits so that I can make some changes. Also, you’ll be starting an exercise program this week.
  • I think I need to put you on a budget. At the beginning of every week, I’ll give you an allowance. If an emergency comes up, please feel free to come to me and we can discuss giving you some extra money.



  1. Control of the males free time and money are essential in a proper relationship

    • I agree,.my,mistress.79.

  2. slave believes in this totally.

  3. As a a submissive sissy male i totally accept and appreciate the sexual authority and rightful supremacy of women. For me i know the path to my own fulfillment lies in my submission and devotion to my own Mistress, my wife of many years; to pursuing and embracing the steady progress of my feminization and elimination of behaviors reminiscent of a male seeking any form of dominance. i love her and my goal is to please and for her to know that at all times. i want her commands so that i can act upon them. i try always to recognize her desires so i can meet them even though it can be difficult at times and mean that my own preferences are a distant second. My pleasure comes from pleasing her. i know that. i am in heaven when i am given the opportunity to go down on her and can give her an orgasm with my tongue. i love her taste, the joy of burying my face in her sex, the devotion to her, hearing and feeling her climax. i do not need anything else. If she wants me to enter her she will signal me to do so. Otherwise there will be no orgasm for me and i am proud to be in virtual chastity for her unless there is permission for release. When that occurs i understand the proper place for my sissy cream is in my mouth. With each drop that i consume i gratefully affirm my subordinate status and it serves as proper nourishment for me in my continuing journey of feminization and submission.

  4. The male must be put on a leash and obey the commandments saying “yes mistress” he may be periodically caged ridiculed and given to eat out of a bowl. His wife may then force him to watch her pleasure herself with a dildo as his dick is useless while he is tied up and meant to beg for release. She then might slap him and shake her ass in his face teasing him. Now that’s a dominant woman!

  5. Yes Miss Robin you have hit the nail on the head fantastic.

  6. Not really sure why all this because my husband and I are happy without my being dom over him he always has just been naturally interested in hearing me and always wants me to give my honest opinion on everything sure he does go my way on most issues but that’s just because he has faith in my common sense and my life experience even though we are both young he knows my father always raised me to be my own person and have man because I want a man not because I need a man I also know if I were to ever raise my hand to him he would never say a word he would just turn a go and I would never see him again then I would cry for ever and ever at the loss of my best friend

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