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Female Supremacy & Life Style

Chores of Female Led Relationship

Chores of Female Led Relationship

This was sent to us by Jason. Thanks so much Jason for sharing this with us. I’m sure many of our readers wishing to have a wife like yours. We wish you all the best and love to hear more.

My wife hasn’t done the laundry in forever. I do it four to five times weekly. I sweep and mop the tile floors and pick up and vacuum the rest of the flat. I make her coffee every day, and on the weekends make her breakfast. She gets massages either foot or full body four to five times a week. Dishes are always clean. She only cooks a few times a week. I love serving her so much.


  1. This is nice Jason. Love doing the things that make my wife’s life easier. Not only does this please her but it is setting a great example for our daughter

  2. Hey it’s great to see this again. I forgot all about that post. Things are still going great. Now that my wife is back to work I am expected to have the lunches made and breakfast served with a fruit smoothie everyday. She even has me helping her friend out with miscellaneous jobs. Her mother is very impressed which is a nice feeling for me.

  3. I applaud you Jason for your role and position in your marriage ! My marriage of 14 years is very similar to yours. I was always pushing the baby stroller, dusting, mopping, dishes, vacuuming, ironing, grocery shopping, cleaning windows. My wife makes all of the major decisions in “her” household, and she is the absolute envy of many of her female colleagues. Most of my friends and relatives have gotten comfortable knowing who really “wears the pants” in her household. To be perfectly honest with you, I am probably one of the most happiest males in the world ! Some women are natural born leaders, as are some males, and some women followers and submissive as are so many males ! Husbands like you and I Jason are perfect role models for males in an ever changing society and world that females will eventually dominate and control. Serving my wife as a secondary/support role in our marriage has given her great assurance, that I “know my place” !!

    • Thanks Nick for your comment. And sharing your thoughts.

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