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Female Supremacy & Life Style

Her Authority in Choices

Her Authority in Choices

One of our regular reader submitted this experience of his. We would like to share. Hope you will enjoy.


One daily symbol of my wife’s position in our life is that whenever we go anywhere in the car she drives and i am in the passenger seat. This is true whether it is to drive around the corner or for more distant trips. The only time that i drive is when she wants a rest and then i am happy to comply.

In the last year or so she has been talking about wanting an Audi TT convertible sports car. We have now been able to gather the funds to buy one and it is sitting in the driveway. It is her car. i drive an old sedan. i love the smile on her face. My male fiends look puzzled when i make clear that it is not for me, only for her. Perhaps a sports car is more the traditional province of the male but i am so happy to be secondary to her.



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