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Apps for your Female Led Relationship

Apps for your Female Led Relationship

Thank you so much for all the responses to our previous post ‘House hold chores to start your female led relationship‘ via comments on this website and talk femdom Twitter and Facebook. We got a really valuable comment from RR. Please read below.

When we started our FLR all chores quickly became my duties. I did download a housecleaning app that you can get for free. It gives you a list of what needs done for each room and my wife can edit if she chooses to add more tasks. This has really been a great help.She also has me do her shopping for her as well as other errands .We both love this lifestyle.

Thank you RR for sharing your experience. This made me think about introducing an app which lets your superior to assign tasks for you. This app is called Chroma and can be find here or download via AppStore. This app is designed to use with Apple iOS devices in household.

Your superior will sign up to Chroma with her email address as user ID. Once signed in, the app’s main interface is split into four sections — chores which have been assigned to you, all chores for the household, recent activity and a household management screen. Adding you to assign tasks is a matter of inviting via email address.

Creating a new chore will done by your superior. It is a simple matter of tapping the “add” button with her long sharpened nails in the corner of the screen, at which point the task can be given a title, assigned between one and five “Chorma Points” according to the difficulty or length of the task, assigned to you and marked as repeating or having a specific schedule. She can assign tasks while you are at work, which will remind you that you are still under her control.

The Chroma points is two fold. It can be used to reward you with the points earned, such as release from chastity for certain number of points decided by your superior. Also it can be used to challenge you to achieve certain number of points in a given time frame. Unable to achieve such will result in penalties.

Try this out. Let us know how technology helps in your Female Led Relationship.



  1. It’s CHORMA, not Chroma. As in Chores.

  2. Fantastic idea, will it be made available for android?

  3. I must get one

  4. Today I discovered who offer a similar app for Android and it’s for free.
    It’s designed for families and kids can earn points for completing chores and use the points to claim rewards.
    I cave not tried the app already but I sent the link to my wife and hopefully we will give it a try.

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